Healthy Snacks Weight Loss – Tasty Snacks To Keep Nutrients High

Savoury Snacks Weight Loss.

About Savoury Snacks

Personally, savoury Snacks are one of my favourites, who doesn’t love to just grab a bag of crisps out the cupboard throughout the day to keep you going? I know I do. But feasting on Crisps, sandwiches or other savoury salty snacks isn’t good for our bodies and it isn’t going to help us lose weight.

I’m going to give you some insight on healthier savoury snacks that can keep you filled with energy throughout the days and help you with losing weight. There are loads of snacks out there that are healthy for you also tasty and not to mention easy to make.

Guides To The Right Savoury Nutritious Snacks To Eat

Nuts, rice cakes, corn crackers, corn tortilla chips or tomato crisps are all favourites of mine, but we will talk more about them later. All of these are good snacks that can give you the same satisfaction a packet of crisps will. All of these play a different part of giving our body Nutrients as well as that satisfaction of enjoying a savoury snack.

A favourite of mine though that aren’t popular are tomato chips, as you may know chips are normally made in a deep fryer but that isn’t the case you can make these in the oven or in a dehydrator which helps them keep their nutrients and strong flavour. There are multiple different types of tomatoes out there that all bring a different flavour, I find beefsteak or plum tomatoes are good ones to use as they hold there sour savoury flavour throughout cooking them and they are big enough to transform into crisps because when you cook them they shrink as the juices are being dried out.

Tomatoes are good for us because they contain multiple vitamins like vitamin B, C, E and K. vitamin B is good for our nerve system, blood cells and helps make DNA which generates our cells and makes them stronger. Vitamin B also helps prevent anemia that makes us feel tired and weak. Vitamin C and E do Tomato-Weight-Loss-Snacksimilar things, they act as an antioxidant helping us to protect cells from damage, Vitamin C also creates collagen required to help open cuts heal.

Last but not the least vitamin K produces a protein that’s important in blood clotting and bone metabolism. They also contribute some calcium and magnesium; Calcium makes our muscles contract when magnesium helps them relax. Together they help our heart keep beating.

More popular Nutritious Snacks like nuts are good nutritious snacks there is a vast category of them for example

Brazilian nuts





hickory nuts

macadamia nuts

pine nuts





Are all good for our bodies, Nuts are a good source of fibre and protein, if you work out allot nuts are a good after work out snack as they are high in protein and will help your muscles by feeding back glycogen into your muscles which initiates muscle growth. Nuts also contain Monounsaturated fats which are healthy for your body, monounsaturated fats do also help with weight loss and they reduce the risk of heart disease where crisps or other salty snacks increase the risk of heart disease. Also, nuts contain omega-3 and omega-6 which maintain good heart health and good a cholesterol. Nuts are crucial for cell membranes to have as well.

Rice Cakes.


Rice cakes are eaten as a healthy snack, as healthy snacks go rice cakes don’t play a big part in giving our body nutrients, rice does contain fibres and iron but little traces of it, there are many flavours for rice cakes you can get sweet and savoury flavours you can flavour them like crisps so salt and vinegar, sweet chili, BBQ, sour cream whatever flavouring you want. Rice cakes are made with cooked rice and mixed with eggs and spices or flavourings then let to chill then fried in a pan for 5 minutes on each side.

Baked Corn Snacks.


Corn or maze crisps are similar to normal crisps, but they don’t have to be deep-fried them to can also be cooked in an oven. I find corn crisps very tasty as my favourite crisps Doritos are made from corn, Doritos aren’t the healthiest choice though as they do still have salts and saturated fat in I find making your own are the best way and you can make them to whatever flavour you prefer. Corn chips do contain vitamins but not in large amounts, 1 ounce of corn crisps equivalents to 2% of your daily needs of vitamin K and B as I quote my opening header vitamin K helps produces a protein that’s important in blood clotting and bone metabolism and vitamin B is good for our nerve system, blood cells and helps make DNA which generates our cells and makes them stronger. Vitamin B also helps prevent anemia that makes us feel tired and weak.


I hope I have helped to give you some insight on nutritious healthy snack for weight loss. On this page I have spoken about my favourite snacks I eat when I get a craving, believe me there are so many more savoury snacks out there that are very effective and tasty that are worth a look at and worth a try! I will leave some links for you to some recipe books I have used in the past that have opened my eyes and show me all kinds of different scrumptious snacks that are just waiting to be found!

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