What Is The Best Weight Loss Diet?- Struggling To Budge Fat? I’m Here To Help

What Is The Best Weight Loss Diet.

Like myself some of us put on weight easyily and find it hard to lose weight, I know many people that struggle with the same problem as you And in the past I have helped them work out a good balanced weight loss diet for them. And it worked. A lot of us have busy lifestyles and find it hard to get themselves to the gym, is this you?

Working around this to feed your self good healthy hearty meals that are going to fill you up and keep you energized through the days at the same time helping you lose weight and burn fat can be difficult and stressful.

So why not try having your meals already planned out to make your working week much easier and less stressful, sound good?

I’m going to try to help you gain an advantage on your meal preps by giving you some of my own ideas of how to keep a healthy balanced eating schedule while fitting around your lifestyle.

If you like the information I am giving you today for free, a lot of my ideas came from a great plan called ’15 day meal plan’ if you feel like the information on this post has been of help to you I would think about looking into this plan I have suggested more

I will leave the link down below if you want to find out more about the plan, but first PLEASE give the information I have spent time on creating for you first as I know it will benefit you.


Breakfast! Most Important Meal Of The Day

For breakfast I don’t tend to actually eat anything I prefer my special smoothies, You may be thinking if breakfast is the most important meal of the day then how does it work if you don’t eat anything? well my smoothies are definitely proven to fill you up and energize you through the day that a bowl of cereal!

My smoothies contain 2 fruits my favourite and most effective choice is banana Rasberry-Ketonesand raspberry, as you may know if you read any of my other posts is that raspberry contain something called Ketones which helps break down fat in your body and turn it to energy (so this is good for weight loss to) and banana because it’s my favourite fruit, this is just my choice you can use any fruit you like.

I also add flaked almonds, pumpkin seeds to my smoothie as both are packed full of protein, pumpkin seeds are also very beneficial for many things in our bodies, I have a lot of information about these on my other post ‘Weight Loss Supplements To Buy Online & My Favourite Homemade Supplement’.

I also add a spoonful of natural yogurt for flavour, I then blend it for a one minute and put it in my bottle and off I go to work. This cuts out the time you have to sit and eat or cook and eat breakfast to a quick few minutes with a very healthy effective not to mention tasty breakfast So with 2 lots of fruit and 2 lots of protein this keeps me full and happy up till lunch and even then I don’t feel hungry.

Lunch Time And Fun Time.

By lunchtime, I am not feeling hungry as of my energy packed smoothie I had this morning so lunchtime is like snack time for me really So what I find good to snack on and what is healthy are nuts, fruits, yogurt, corn crisps, rice cakes and my favourite granola bars.

I know eating the same thing every day can get boring so buy a mixture of these to enjoy different things a day. Granola bars are my favourite healthy sweet snack I like fruit granola bars the best because the fruit makes the flavour even nicer.


Granola is beneficial for a fair few things also and I find them fun to make yourself if you have time but buying them is just as good as they aren’t an expensive snack. If you wanted something more filling though a salad is always. When I say salad I don’t just mean some lettuce and cucumber as nobody wants to eat that.

There are many things you can add to salads to make them healthy and tasty like for example chick peas and sweet corn are both nice and add to flavour and a salad dressing that is easy to make you could have an acid based dressing with vinegar, oil and say lemon juice at all the same amount.

Dinner Time is My Wind Down Time

Dinner time is my favourite meal of the day as being a qualified chef and having the love and passion I have for food dinner is where I experiment my tricks and flavours.

For dinner to have a balanced healthy meal that fills you up you need 1 part protein 1 part carbohydrates, 1 part vegetables. My favourite protein is fish all day long as it is filling tasty and healthy salmon especially as the oils in fish are good for our bodies, our immune system and our skin

I cook my salmon in the pan to start to get a crispy skin with a splash of olive oil, then finish it off in the oven to cook through. I like to cook my salmon in lemon and ginger as it’s really tasty and as well it is good for our immune system, our skin and health. Serve the salmon with some rice and broccoli or your choice of carbs so could be herb potatoes which to is also a good choice. A good sauce to serve with this would be quick and easy mix of honey and soy sauce for a tangy edge on your plate.

This is just an example meal which is good like I said switch it up so your not bored with the same food just always remember 1 part protein, 1 part carbs and 1 part vegetables this is proven to work effectively as filling us up and keeping our balanced diet happy, healthy and fun! In the 15 day meal plan there are loads more meals just like this that are tasty and fun.


If you don’t want to do the hard work yourself of planning your meals for every day because I know people can run out of ideas if they aren’t educated much on food and produce a really good guide/ book I know of that has helped many of my friends in the past overcome there unbalanced diets then this book will help you out.

It is a 15-day meal plan book which will give you a spread out balanced diet and give you different options and different meals every day so it doesn’t get boring!

The plan is called 15 day meal plans and it involves 5 small reads that will benefit your life and your diet really well, it helped me out and 100s of others!

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